Antioxidant Dietary supplements: Ought to You Take Them?

Antioxidant dietary supplements have gained reputation as a wholesome dietary addition, primarily as a result of vegatables and fruits which can be wealthy in antioxidants have been related to quite a few well being advantages, akin to lowering the danger of varied illnesses.

Nonetheless, research have additionally highlighted potential opposed results of taking antioxidant dietary supplements on human well being. So do you have to take antioxidant dietary supplements? Let’s break it down.

What Are Antioxidant Dietary supplements?

Antioxidant dietary supplements are dietary dietary supplements that include nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different compounds which can be believed to assist shield the physique from injury attributable to dangerous molecules referred to as free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that may injury cells and contribute to the event of varied illnesses, together with most cancers, coronary heart illness, and Alzheimer’s illness.

Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals, stopping them from inflicting injury to cells and tissues. Some frequent antioxidant dietary supplements embody nutritional vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, and coenzyme Q10. These dietary supplements can be found in varied types, akin to capsules, capsules, and liquids.

Ought to You Take Them?

Antioxidants are usually good for the physique, however taking them in giant quantities or for a very long time is likely to be harmful. Right here’s why:

Pure Stability

The physique’s delicate pure equilibrium between free radicals and antioxidants is one that may be upset by taking extreme doses of antioxidant dietary supplements.

Inverse Impact

Research have proven that prime doses of antioxidant dietary supplements can truly promote the expansion of most cancers cells, particularly in people who find themselves already at the next threat for most cancers.


Some research have discovered that antioxidant dietary supplements can enhance the danger of mortality, significantly in folks with pre-existing well being circumstances akin to coronary heart illness, diabetes, and most cancers.

Every thing In Moderation

It’s value noting that consuming antioxidants by means of entire meals is mostly thought of secure and helpful. Nonetheless, taking antioxidant dietary supplements may be problematic, particularly when taken in excessive doses or for extended durations.

Due to this fact, it’s vital to talk with a healthcare supplier earlier than taking any antioxidant dietary supplements, and to eat a balanced weight-reduction plan wealthy in fruits, greens, nuts, and entire grains, which might present ample quantities of antioxidants and different important vitamins.